viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Pequeñas historias de la Historia

La Historia está hecha de pequeñas historias
que nos pueden orientar.
Vivir el presente mirando al futuro
y olvidando el pasado es pragmático.
Sin embargo, conocer la historia del mundo
puede evitar los mismos errores.

La serie "Erase una vez...lel hombre"
explica la historia del Mundo en formato para  niños.
La puedes ver  aquí en español 
y estos son los capítulos en inglés.

1. And Earth was created… On the evolution of life before Man.
2. Neanderthal Man.
3. Cro-Magnon Man.
4. The Fertile Valleys. On the rise of agriculture, as well as ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Israel.
5. The First Empires. On the empires of Assyria, Persia, and others from about BC 2000 to BC 500.
6. The Age of Pericles.
7. The Pax Romana. Actually on the time of Julius Caesar, before the Pax Romana commenced.
8. The Conquest of Islam.
9. The Carolingians.
10. The Age of Vikings.
11. The Cathedral Builders. On the Middle Ages in the time of the Crusades.
12. The Travels of Marco Polo.
13. The Hundred Years' War.
14. The Quattrocento.
15. The Golden Age of Spain.
16. Elizabethan England. Mostly on the voyages of Sir Francis Drake.
17. The Golden Age of the Low Countries.
18. The Great Reign of Louis XIV.
19. Peter the Great and his Times.
20. The Age of Reason.
21. America.   On the New World between 1492 and the American Civil War.
22. The French Revolution.
23. The Awakening of the People. On the mid-nineteenth century.
24. The Belle Époque. On the latter decade of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century up to           World War One.
25. The Crazy Years. On the Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, and World War Two.
26. Once Upon a Time… the Earth (and tomorrow?). On the post-war world up to the series                     production in 1978, with speculation on the future to 2150.

La Historia es como un viaje 
a través del túnel del tiempo.

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